Why hire a script consultant?

As writers, we spend a great deal of time alone, with our stories. A good script consultant provides an objective perspective on material you're intimately familiar with. Other times, when a writer has a new idea, having someone to bound that idea off of as a sounding board, to help focus the idea, can be incredibly powerful. And finally, once you're five drafts into a project and the script is ready to head out to your manager, agent or to producers, a script consultant can help you with that final polish to really make it shine.

Do you send client scripts out to other readers?

No. I read every script and speak with you personally.

How long are consultations?

Sometimes consultations may go a bit longer to finish or get to a stopping point, but generally speaking:

  • Feature Film, Story and Outline consultations are usually 60 mounts and up to 90 minutes
  • Half-Hour TV, Hour-Long TV and Short Film script consultations are up to 60 minutes

What’s your turnaround for a script consultation?

Standard turnaround is 3 weeks

Since I read each script 3 times on my own, and I can only read so many in a day, so  the schedule tends to book up quickly. However, I know that there are times when we just need to get something turned around faster than 3 weeks, so I also offer two rush spots in the schedule every week. The cost for Rush Service is:

  • 2-week turnaround is an additional $75.00
  • 1-week turnaround is an additional $125.00
  • 2-day turnaround is an additional $200.0

What’s included in a Script consultation?

  1. I read your script, focusing on all the main elements: Big Idea / Concept, Character, Story, Dialog, Plot/Character/Thematic Congruency, and Readability. While reading, I mark up the script with page notes.
  2. Based on the read, I’ll draft and send you a very short “discussion map” that highlights what I think are the key opportunities and strengths for the next draft as well as my page notes.
  3. We will schedule our consultation call.
  4. On the call, we’ll start by talking through the discussion map, discussing the script’s strengths and weaknesses and answer your questions. (While we do this, I trust your taking copious notes!)
  5. Finally, we’ll dive into the script together and explore the areas that need work.
  6. If the script is at the point where it’s ready for detail work, we’ll do some rewriting together: editing pages, reshaping scenes or dialog, maxing out action / scene directions, and focusing characters. 

What’s included in a Story Consultation?

These usually take place very early on in the lifecycle of a project. First, you'll share with me your thoughts about how you see your pilot, feature film, short film, or web series. The main character, the world, the arc, whatever you've got. Then, we'll work together to find and / or focus the narrative, sketch out a clear structure and identify possible set pieces, and work to ensure the protagonist is clear, original and compelling. The goal is to leave with a well-defined story map and an achievable plan to write it.

What’s included in a Treatment Consultation?

For treatments, I'll read your treatment and help ensure that the story and presentation are as organized, efficient as possible.  We'll work together to refine the story you want to tell, making sure that the big idea and elements are clear and compelling in order to find the most effective way to make your big idea as attractive as possible to potential "buyers".

Do you expect a writing credit or fee as a writer/producer when working together?

Never. Your scripts are yours. My job is only to help you make the most of out your script and story.

Why don’t you provide written feedback?

I used to do this, but my concern has always been that we writers tend to view written words as “final." While some notes are concrete and easily interpreted (i.e. “You’re missing a second act”), frequently writers get too focused on executing a note rather than thinking about how the note might be best applied. Also, despite the best effort of even the best consultants, we writers have to spend too much time interpreting written coverage. I’ve found that a conversation gives you the chance to ask questions, pursue an idea or reimagine a scene in a much more helpful, immediate and organic way.

What about confidentiality?

Your script is not discussed with anyone else. However, due to the large number of scripts, treatments and pitches I read, there are invariably scripts that are similar. When I encounter that, I’ll work with the writers to make sure that each has it’s own original approach to the idea and unique execution.

Can you just rewrite my script for me?

Sweet of you to offer. But no. Why not?  The characters and stories are wildly personal to you and only you can bring to life what was born in your imagination. However, if you truly believe you've exhausted every tool in your box, feel free to talk with me about script doctoring. This will always be a “ghost" rewrite and I will never ask for a writing credit or additional writing fee/percentage beyond what we negotiate for the rewrite itself. 

How do I schedule a consultation?

Just click on "List of Services" on the top navigation bar here on the website and follow the directions to purchase service. Once I receive payment and your script, I'll reach out to you and we'll schedule our meeting.