Currently, I work as a consultant/analyst for a handful of production companies, independent producers, writers, directors and film financiers.

My insight and advice are up to professional, Hollywood standards because  I’ve worked for studios and production companies where I was paid to give a Pass, Consider or Recommend to script,  books, treatment and articles submitted by agents, managers and major stars. 

 I know the quality of writing at the professional level and understand how to help guide writers to a better product.

During the past decade, I have:

  • Evaluated submissions for those who developed and/or executive produced the films War of the Worlds, Mission: Impossible, We Bought a Zoo, The Last Samurai, and many others.

  • Written over 2,500 coverage reports on the job as an A-list studio reader.
  • Taught screenwriting and story analysis at three educational institutions, including Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.

  • Worked with 500+ clients as a Screenplay Consultant

  • Been a paid screenwriter.

  • Worked for Walt Disney, Paramount, Script Shark and Cruise/Wagner Produtions (production company of Tom Cruise and his former producing partner Paula Wagner prior to their acquisition of United Artists).



The Focus

My focus is script development. I don’t offer services like query letter writing, editing room consults or treatment writing because I want to focus on helping writers make their scripts better. If you've shopped around, you'll see my rates are very reasonable for script development. I promise you that:

  • There is never a guarantee of script sale, option or representation.
  • I will provide all the notes I feel are necessary to raise your script to the next level of quality.
  • I’m excited to work with you!

Writing and working with writers is my passion and my full-time job, not just a side venture. I hold an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.

I have taught classes in screenwriting and screenplay analysis at the college level, so I know how to assess the ability of a student and work one-on-one with them to achieve their desired results.

I hope to work with you, help you to improve your craft and meet your goals!