Feature Development Consult

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Feature Development Consult



Discussion roadmap & up to a 90-minute conference call.

  1. I read your script, focusing on all the main elements: Big Idea / Concept, Character, Story, Dialog, Plot/Character/Thematic Congruency, and Readability.

  2. Based on the read, I’ll draft and send you a very short “discussion map” that highlights what I think are the key opportunities and strengths for the next draft as well as my page notes.

  3. We will schedule our consultation call.

  4. On the call, we’ll start by talking through the discussion map, discussing the script’s strengths and weaknesses and answer your questions. (While we do this, I trust your taking copious notes!)

  5. Finally, we’ll dive into the script together and explore the areas that need work.

  6. If the script is at the point where it’s ready for detail work, we’ may do some rewriting together: editing pages, reshaping scenes or dialog, maxing out action / scene directions, and focusing characters.

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